Podiatry Charges

15 minute treatments (£20)

30 minute treatments (£25)

  • Basic nails

  • Single corn

  • Minimal callus

  • Single ingrowing toenail disection

  • Athlete's foot advice (Choose and pay seperately for treatment products)

  • Bunion advice (Choose and pay seperately for treatment products)

Other treatments

  • Reflexology [medical massage]

  • Home treatment

  • Pedicure

  • Manicure

  • 1 hour biomechanical assessment [bring shorts and shoes] (Choose and pay separately for orthotics)

  • Cryotherapy verrucae treatment

  • Nail surgery

  • Fungi Microbiology Test

Please note you will not be charged extra if multiple treatment can be carried out within the time frame stated

  • Thick complex nails

  • Diffuse callus

  • Multiple corns

  • Multiple ingrowing toenail disection

  • Cracked heels

  • Diabetic assessment

  • Verrucae treatment (salicylic acid and silver nitrate

  • Wound Care


At Chiropody Foot clinic, we take pride in providing a high quality of treatment and care for you. Our expert podiatrist has years of experience as a specialist in treating variety of foot problems and providing ongoing care and advice. Our podiatrist has qualified from a Russel Group top 15 UK and top 1% worldwide university. The podiatrist is registered with the Health Care Professional Council which is a regulatory body that ensures their exacting standards is met. The Podiatrist is also a member of the Society of Chiropody and Podiatry where the clinician is actively engaging in up to date continuing professional development.